Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the Internet is full of searches to find original Valentine’s gifts .

According to “Google”, in 2018 more than 3.7 million searches for Valentine’s gifts were counted . But there are also many people who do not celebrate this day, not because they are not in love or have no partner, which also influences, but because they think that Valentine is simply a consumerist party.

And you will ask, what is the origin of this party? Does it come from America like Halloween? Well, not this time.

The guilt that you eat your head every February 14 in buying the gifts for Valentine ‘s Day is from an ancient Rome priest named Valentin. This priest celebrated marriages between young lovers, but in secret, thus disregarding the order of Emperor Claudius II. For this disobedience, Valentine was sentenced to death on February 14, 270. However, it was not until the mid-nineteenth century when Esther A. Howland that selling a few simple cards began the tradition of buying Valentine’s gifts , a tradition that comes to the present day.

But the thing is not as beautiful or easy as they paint it, year after year, every February 14th it’s time to think about what original Valentine’s gifts you can make, and above all, that they are affordable or can be financed. Here are some ideas:

  1. As Valentine’s gifts you can choose the typical flowers . Roses, daisies, carnations … a wide variety that usually please and make you happy the day.
  2. Perfumes and colognes are another option for this day.
  3. Horseback riding .
  4. If you prefer a more elaborate plan, you can opt for a trip . Waynabox can be your best ally as one of the original gifts for Valentine’s Day .
  5. A spa with massage are another of the ideas we propose.
  6. Rural escapades .
  7. The wireless headphones is something useful and what can be used.
  8. Smart watches , smartwatch, are another Valentine’s gift .
  9. And speaking of intelligence, a smart speaker would not be bad either.
  10. If you are more romantic, tickets for the theater would be ideal.
  11. For the more daring, bungee jumping or parachuting could be two original gifts for Valentine’s Day.
  12. Although if you prefer handmade Valentine’s gifts , the typical cards , candy bouquets , photo albums , a breakfast , a romantic meal or dinner will be the most successful.

Now, how do I finance Valentine’s gifts?

Here we leave you some sources of financing that offer you the best mini-credits so that Valentine’s gifts do not give you a lot of headaches.

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If you need more information about the mini-credits you can request, visit our comparator, Gandalf . We offer you the best mini-credits , online loans , cards and mortgages in the market.

You already know what are the best gifts for Valentine’s Day and how to finance them , now you just have to give it shape. Put yourself to it as soon as possible so that the bull does not catch you, that there are many lovers looking for the best gifts for your partner on this day.

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