Everyone needs quick credit once in a while. You are in the right place if you need money quickly and you can not wait any longer. With Gandalf you can receive a quick credit of up to € 1,000 without interest and you will have up to 30 days to return the money . We help you pay your outstanding bills, fix any problems at home, solve your other debts and solve your last-minute incidentals. Quick loans always help you in a difficult time.

How is it possible to obtain the best offer?

The cutting-edge technology behind our price comparator reviews your data and immediately find out which of our lenders can offer you a loan. Our system reviews your data and finds out immediately what type of quick loan you are eligible for. Your credit offer will be made to measure, completely personalized.

We compare the available offers and we show you the best one so that you can make an accurate decision. Your quick credit will be offered by a recognized financial institution. Gandalf only works as an intermediary, helping you find the quick money you are looking for online. The urgent loans we offer always come from trusted lenders.

While traditional banks force you to go through many procedures, wait for a long time, and force you to provide an insurance, or even a mortgage, in Gandalf you will see that there are innumerable ways to access urgent credit without any of these requirements. We offer you your personal urgent loan, without the need for payroll, guarantee or guarantee. You just have to return your money on time. So you can request more quick loans in the future, if necessary.

The quick loan we offer is 100% online without leaving home . Your answer arrives in 15 minutes and your money arrives directly to your bank account in less than 24 hours, without paperwork and without questions! You can use our urgent loan search engine through any device (mobile, computer, laptop or tablet). Getting extra money with Gandalf could not be easier. Fill in your application now and get your loan today.

What do I do if I can not return the quick credits?

Returning a quick credit on time is essential if you want to keep your credit history clean for future applications from any lender. Therefore, it is very important that before requesting a personal loan, you are one hundred percent sure that you can return it on the due date. Thus, you will avoid, not only, being included in the delinquency lists, but you will also avoid incurring more expenses related to late interest or debt commissions.

The consequences of a quick credit default are the following:

  1. The interests of delay will arise.
  2. Normally the lender can request a commission for claiming defaults.
  3. It will be entered in the ASDFGH list.
  4. A claim process will be initiated through the courts.

Why use Gandalf?

With Gandalf you save time and effort making the process much more efficient. When you are in the middle of an emergency you rarely have extra time to choose the best option, and instead, you choose the fastest or worst case, you make an uninformed decision. The service we offer has a unique value as it performs the search for a quick credit for you, what is more, Gandalf, thanks to its success story and the trust of its users, can get loans without interest.

We put it simple, consider our advantages:

  • Your request can be approved even if you have been rejected elsewhere
  • You can apply for a loan even if you are on a list of ASDFGH defaulters
  • You will have your money in your bank account in less than 24 hours
  • You do not need to present any payroll or document
  • Our services are free and 100% online

What do our customers say about Gandalf?

If you are not convinced yet, listen to people like you who have found an answer to their emergencies.

“A pending invoice was eating my head and it was a few days before my salary came in. Thanks to Gandalf I was able to receive an interest-free loan to get rid of my weight, excellent service, thank you very much.” – María (Bilbao)

“I had to get some important clients out of the party, my business depended on it, but all my capital was already invested in my product. With a small loan that I got thanks to Gandalf, I did not have to worry anymore. I recommend you. “- Roberto (Alicante)

“With your help I have been able to pay my children’s tuition. You do not know how good I feel now that everything is fine. God bless you! “- Sandra (León)

Requirements to request a quick credit:

If you meet these requirements you can request your quick credit through Gandalf:

  • You are between 18 and 80 years old
  • Resides in Spain
  • You have a national bank account
  • You have an email account
  • You have a mobile number
  • You have a DNI / NIE in rule

You are very close to receiving the money you need. In less than 24 hours you can have your credit fast. Apply for your credit online now and receive your money today!

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