Even if you have good financial planning, it happens that sometimes life happens and the unexpected happens. If an unforeseen event has occurred and you need help, you can request a quick credit with us.

Gandalf gives you a hand to get the best offers of personal loans online.

Our objective is to offer responsible solutions in the short term for urgent liquidity problems. Our business is not based on lending money, but on advising those who need it. Our loan search service is free, fast and super easy.

Advantages of the New Gandalf Personal Loans

  • Older loans your personal credit can not only be double, triple, quadruple, get money for the great pillars of your life, car, home or business.
  • Better interests: The rates are smaller but the benefits are better.
  • Renowned financial institutions: personal loans are granted by prestigious banks and giant institutions of Spain and the world.
  • Protection of your information: the process is 100% online. No queues, no endorsement, no payroll, no paperwork.
  • Technology: Our technology of our loan comparison is as efficient as ever. the search for fast loans is processed with absolute speed, discretion and security. We use thousands of data points to choose the best offer for you.
  • There are no hidden or additional expenses or small bills: our transparent service allows you to see the total cost of your mini loan before validating the request.
  • Response in just 15 minutes , once the best option has been confirmed.

Above all, if you are on the road, do not worry, Gandalf accompanies you and you can request a loan on your mobile or tablet. Super fast and easy!

Do not let money worry you why we help you regain control over the unforeseen.

If you need one of our quick loans , Gandalf is the fastest search engine and comparator in the Spanish market. We find the best offer for you!


To make your loan request you only need to be between 18 and 80 years old, reside in Spain, have a national bank account, email and mobile.

The best loans

Since 2011, Gandalf has been acting in a serious and responsible manner offering the best search and comparison service for personal online loans in Spain.

Because we?

Gandalf is a state-of-the-art credit search tool that allows you to know the market offer and compare the characteristics of each one according to the needs of the users. We check the most reliable and recognized entities with absolute speed, discretion and security.

An excellent service I had FERN and I needed a loan to pay off the debt, and now, it’s that easy.

Satisfied I have more than 4 loans through you and I have verified that they offer me better conditions than directly with the lender. Very good advantage they have.

I would recommend them to everyone. The loan came in 2 hours even though it was a weekend, I only took one application with you so that you would find someone who would grant it to me. It is an efficient service and they fulfill everything they promise.

Terms and Conditions of the Contract

Next, we will list the cases incorporated in the document to which the client must comply if the occurrence should happen, as well as the rights that the clients have. Gandalf invites all users in the most in-depth way to make an assessment of their ability to make repayments in a timely manner and to read cautiously the terms of the lender. Any disagreement or negotiation of the terms must be done directly with this aforementioned lender, since the financial and compliance responsibility of the client is towards the financial institution described.

Duration and Validity

The products and services obtained will have the duration established and agreed upon between the borrower and the lender, with a minimum term of 5 days and a maximum term of 30. If the loan is not renewed or canceled, the borrower must abide by the consequences for breach of contract.

Cancellation of the loan

The borrower has a period established by the lender to cancel the loan and return the money without having to pay a fee in case the loan conditions differ from those established. For more information, the client should contact their lender or financial institution that has extended the loan.

Early repayment of the loan

The Client has the right to return the Loan before the agreed upon duration of the contract, be it a total or partial payment. The lender has the right to request compensation as long as it is not greater than what should be paid for the loan originally. To negotiate an early repayment, the client must contract the lender and agree on the aspects to be fulfilled.

Postponement of payment

If the date to make the repayment is close and you have noticed that you will not be able to make the return in time, you should immediately contact him. The recommendation of Gandalf is that you make your payments always on time. If for some reason it is not possible, know that each lender has its own regulations regarding payments and interest. Late payment may result in extra costs and / or high interest. Most of the lenders will contact you in order to arrange the payment, but we suggest that as soon as you know that you are going to get the payment on time, you can contact him, otherwise he will be contacted. You can write down your credit history.

Payment Deficiency

Institutions can charge a late payment fee between € 1 and € 100, but this value can change among lenders. To know all the information, we ask you to read with great care and attention the terms and conditions of your personal loan contract.

Cost of Credit

The cost that can be integrated into your loan is the TAE, designated by the Spanish authorities, Annual Rate Equivalent, this varies depending on the amount and term of the loan. In accordance with Spanish law and with our transparency values, Gandalf always provides this information for clients. Having transparency as one of our values, Gandalf informs you of the costs of managing personal loans online, if one of the lenders with whom we link you does not have the information at your disposal contact us as soon as possible. Before confirming the credit application, all the costs of the lenders are taught to you in a clear and simple way.

The cost of your credit will be declared through the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate). This rate varies according to the amount of the loan and its repayment term.

For example, for a loan of € 5,000 for return in 24 months, the total amount to be returned will be € 5,274 with an APR of 9.04%.

Legislative and Client Aspects

We hold current legislation in Spain.

  • Law 22/2007, of July 11, on Distance Marketing of Financial Services Destined for Consumers
  • Law 16/2011, of June 24, on Contracts of Consumer Credits.

Before processing the loan application, the client will be informed of the following aspects:

  • Articles 7 and 8 of Law 22/2007
  • Articles 10 and 12 of Law 16/2011
  • General and Particular Conditions of our service.

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