Nowadays it is very difficult to make ends meet, right? In Spain there are millions of mileuristas, people who have to survive with minimum wages that usually do not exceed more than 1,000 euros per month. Thankfully, nowadays we can also receive mini-credits instantly without having to leave the house .

The Millennials have it difficult. Many people have lost their jobs in recent years. The prices of absolutely everything go up and the salaries stay where they are. Therefore, getting to maintain a sustainable quality of life becomes very difficult.

There is always some unforeseen expense that we have not counted on or an amazing bill that scares us terribly. It can be something related to the house, your car, your family, your well-being. Anyway, we always need a little help. Therefore, we have created a platform where you can receive quick mini-credits for whatever you need .

In Gandalf we know that it is difficult to survive in these troubled times. So we offer you your first loan up to € 1000 without interest . You just have to return it within the agreed period, and you can choose between 5 and 30 days. Could not been more easy. We do not even need to know what you use your loan for. It is enough that you pay it on time.

Mini loan without leaving home

You do not have to go through any bank or send us additional paperwork. Our services are 100% online . The process begins and ends online; using your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet, without leaving home! You tell us how much money you want and when you want to return it. We process your request and find you the best loan offer in the market so you can receive urgent money online in just a couple of hours.

What makes our services so comfortable is that you can apply for your microcredit without leaving your home. You choose the amount and the return period, and your response will arrive in 15 minutes . We offer your first interest-free mini credit and the next time you apply for a loan through us you will not have to fill in your information again. It’s simple!

Our platform works as a search system for online loans . Using our credit seeker and requesting quick money through us, you will get the best loan available, offered by the most recognized lenders in Spain . You can apply for a loan using our services even if you are on an ASNEF list. If your application is approved, you can pay your debts and feel more relaxed.

The best mini-credits in the market

We work with the most recognized financial institutions in Spain. Your request reaches our partner lenders in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, our system reviews your data and finds out if you are eligible for the available loans. We also control if you have been a client of ours or of our partners in the past.

If it is your first time requesting money through us and our lender partners, you do not pay anything, the credit comes out with 0% interest . All the information presented in your application, including your personal data, are stored under your customer profile so that we can offer you an even faster and easier service in the future. You can take a look at our privacy policy to understand how we handle your personal data.

The loan that we offer you on our platform comes from a leading lender in the market. Your result (and the loan offered) is completely customized and made to measure . Requesting mini-credits and quick loans with Gandalf is super easy! You can make sure that we offer you a simple, fast and completely free solution to receive quick money.

Your solution for quick money

Even if you have a good head for money, sometimes it happens that the unexpected arises. That’s why we are here. We help you request and get a mini online credit instantly to solve any unforeseen or problem in your life.

Receive your money in less than 24 hours . If you have a complication or an unexpected expense, do not worry. Gandalf is the best option to solve your problems quickly.

In addition, we always inform you in advance how much the credit will cost you and if it will include interest or not. We care about being transparent, so we take care to highlight all the relevant information. In any case, we always recommend that our clients also read the agreements and terms of our partner lenders who offer the credit.

You can ask for minicréditos without payroll

Requesting and receiving a loan with Gandalf does not require the submission of a payroll . Neither do we ask for guarantee or guarantee. You can receive your mini credit instantly, quickly and without paperwork . Before accepting your loan, we will show you the exact amount to return, without cheating or small print.

At the end of your application you will see the return period (you can choose up to 30 days) and a summary of your loan. Depending on the return period, the interest rate (or lack of interest) and the loan amount, your offer will be completely personalized. You can review everything before accepting the loan on the lender’s page .

Fast microcredits for whatever you want

Use your loan for whatever you want and for what you need. For example:

  • Financially help a friend or family member
  • Fix something spoiled at home
  • Furnish your home
  • Buy new clothes
  • Go on a trip
  • Join a gym
  • Renew your technology
  • Take your car to the workshop
  • Pay your urgent bills and debts

Reasons to apply for a loan with Gandalf

  1. Your request can be approved even if you have been rejected elsewhere
  2. You can apply for a loan even if you are on a list of defaulters of ASNEF
  3. You will have your money in your bank account in less than 24 hours
  4. You do not need to present any guarantee, guarantee or payroll
  5. Our services are FREE AND 100% ONLINE!

Receive up to € 1,000 with a payment term of up to 30 days . If it’s your first time you will not have to pay interest, the credit does not cost you anything, 0%. Get what you want and need now, from your mobile or computer. Your answer arrives in 15 minutes.

Do not let your problems control you. Apply for your instant credit instantly now and regain control today!

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