Applying for online loans has never been so easy. Gandalf Loans have guaranteed AEMIP, do not posed hidden charges and are 100% fast, easy and secure, if adapted to the median and the needs of the client and all that Gandalf offers are advanatges.


  • Immediate response to the loan request
  • The client has the money quickly without paperwork or hidden charges
  • Convenience to apply for 100% online loans 30 years of financial experience with the guarantee
  • AEMIP Loans and microloans for the customer want: student loans, trips, motorcycles, personal loans, projects, etc.
  • Proceeding clean and clear, flexible and reliable. Also available for Iphone and Android


  • Be of legal age
  • residence in Spain
  • keep a minimum monthly income of € 500
  • Own DNI or NIE
  • Have a personal mobile phone number
  • Provide the debit card number to collect the loan
  • Not having another active loan in Gandalf
  • Not have annotations in register of delinquency

Loan Details

  • Micro-loans of € 100 to € 400 with return in one or two installments
  • Loans in installments of € 500 to € 1,000 with repayment up to 6 months
  • Commissions and TAE
  • The loan is obtained in 48 hours

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