wonga es

Mini super fast credits, and easy to request. It helps to solve specific and urgent economic needs, or opportunities that the customer can not let go, Wonga helps them with quick loans, if the application is approved, the money is sent in less than 15 minutes. The transfer is automatic in 80% of the bank.


  • Quick, easy and safe
  • Flexible, transparent and comfortable loan
  • Fair prices for quick loans, and discounts for regular customers.
  • Internet availability, tablets and smartphones
  • Memberships Blue, Bronze, Silver and Gold


  • Choose the amount to request and term
  • Complete the application form
  • Be of legal age
  • DNI or NIE scanned

Loan details:

  • Loan of up to € 300
  • Yes is already a customer, loans up to € 700 and more advantages
  • Loan repayment in a period of 30 days (maximum 60 days)

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